Organic viticulture

Resulting from an ideological movement born at the beginning of the 20th century, the organic farming is based on a close link between agriculture and nature, privileging biological balances between the crop plant and its environment, the respect of the natural rhythms and refusing the use of products of synthesis.
From this basic concept, several currents of thought were released. The biodynamy appeared in Germany under the impulse of Rudolf Steiner in 1924.Organic agriculture (organic farming), was born in England starting from the theses developed by Sir Howard in his “agricultural will” (1940. The organic farming, was developed in Switzerland by Hans Peter Rusch and H. Müller.

The wine growers in organic farming compel themselves to use only products free from organic molecules of synthesis. For the culture of the vine, they employ raw materials of natural origin and seek to promote the natural fight between the species. Their objective is to privilege the life of the grounds, the perenniality of the animal species and vegetable supporting the natural ecosystem then. The recourse to the phytopharmacological products, even natural should be only exceptional.