New book : « Vignes et terroirs : splendeur des paysages du monde »

6 November 2017

Joël Rochard has published a picture book with a lot of many photographs about viticultural landscapes. You can find it here.

Vineyards and terroirs, Splendor of the world’s scene


The wine reflects the ability of humans to overcome a hostile environment for his intelligence, his conviction and the legacy of a knowledge passed from generation to generation.
The surface of the earth, shaped by the combined effect of plate tectonics and erosion, linked to local climate characteristics, contributed to a great diversity of soils at the origin of a wide variety of wines.
Hyphen between earth and spirit, landscapes also link the historical expertise of the winemakers both architects and gardeners, in the noble sense of terroir.

But this “cultural ecosystem” is fragile. Modernity, in its functional approach, has often obscured the rich heritage bequeathed by the ancient, sometimes perceived legacy as a constraint to technological developments and economic imperatives. While avoiding a backward-looking vision that could lead to relics vineyards, landscapes should be part of a heritage governance wine territories.
This activist work allows wine lovers and nature, rave about the beauty and diversity of the world vineyard landscapes and professionals to better understand the cultural, aesthetic and heritage values of their land and the ecological challenges of today and tomorrow.

Let yourself be carried by more than 700 photographs of the wine countries of the world, and more than 100 citations literary that invite you to travel.