New publication : Bases of the eco-oenotourisme, landscape with the design of the cellars

Bases et pratique de l’éco-œnotourisme 1 April 2020

The œnotourism takes a share growing in the valorization of the wine territories.Thus emerges the concept of “Eco-Oenotourisme” which associates in particular, in connection with sustainable development, the landscapes, the biodiversity, as well as the éco-design of the cellars.The protection of the local biodiversity is also integrated in a approach of Eco-Oenotourisme and often takes part in the valorization of the local landscape(

It should be prevented that the landscape is regarded as a simple by-product of the wine and territorial practices (, which justifies with the image of the International Charter “of Fontevraud” ( to develop a “patrimonial governance locally”.Beyond these functional aspects, the notion of Eco-Oenotourisme is associated with the taking into account of sustainable development in the design of the cellars (